Guess the Starting XI and Final Score (Non-MLS Match 8: Trinidad and Tobago)

Building off of the column written by one of our previous regulars, Spencer, I have decided to continue with a match thread for guessing the Starting XI and Final Score for each Vancouver Whitecaps match. However, the one change I will make is that we will keep track of scores throughout the season with an overall winner, and bragging rights, at the end.

Non-MLS Details

  • Contest will consist of the 2 to 4 (hopefully 4) Canadian Championship (Voyageurs Cup) Games
  • Contest will consist of the 4 CONCACAF Champions League Games
  • We will keep track of only 1 rankings/standings as there will only be a maximum of 8 matches
  • Your lowest/worst prediction score will be excluded. Therefore, each participants final score will consist of their top 7 matches
  • Predictions will be 'valid' if posted prior to the lineups being officially announced (approximately 1 hour before kickoff)
  • Participants will receive 1 point for every player correctly guessed to be in the Starting XI
  • Participants will receive 5 points for correctly guessing the winner (or draw) of the match
  • Participants will receive 3 points for correctly guessing the final score of the match

Standings (All Games)

Current Rank User Change in Overall Match 7 Points
Rank Score Lineup Winner Score
1 Arjon - 84 7 0 0
2 rtomsheck - 76 8 0 0
3 Edmondk - 74 7 0 0
4 AtlantisB - 73 8 0 0
5 Soccer Mum - 70 7 0 0
6 John Andress - 44 0 0 0
7 Wardy1700 - 42 0 0 0
8 MarcoD77 - 38 3 5 0
9 MacMhuirrich - 22 0 0 0
10 Norselord +1 17 4 5 0
11 Forbrydelsen +1 15 7 5 3
12 Acumen -2 9 0 0 0

Standings (Best 6)

Current Rank User Change in Overall
Rank Score
1 Arjon - 77
2 rtomsheck - 68
3 Edmondk - 67
4 AtlantisB - 65
5 Soccer Mum - 63
6 John Andress - 44
7 Wardy1700 - 42
8 MarcoD77 - 38
9 Norselord +1 25
10 MacMhuirrich -1 22
11 Forbrydelsen +1 15
12 Acumen -1 9

Match Review (Sporting Kansas City) & Preview (Trinidad and Tobago)

We are down to our final match of the contest. Arjon has held the lead for most of the campaign. It looks like they will probably win, although it is still possible for rtomsheck to catch Arjon. Anything can happen, especially with Champions League, where the lineup and scores are so unpredictable. That was evident in the last match against Sporting KC, with the highest lineup prediction score being 8. With the lineup there are always surprises that no one seems to guess. For example, everyone had Tornaghi in the net, but it ended up being Richey who started.

With the Vancouver Whitecaps already clinching their spot in the next round of the Champions League, and the match being at home, against a poorer squad, it is anyone's guess what lineup Robbo puts together. This might lead you to believe that he will start the young USL guys. Not so fast. Unlike the senior squad, the ThunderCaps are actually in the playoffs and will start on Friday, on the road. It might be a bad idea to have ThunderCaps best players tired before traveling to Arizona, to play in the heat. With the Whitecaps eliminated from the MLS playoffs (okay, still not technically right?), we could see some veterans play instead. I suspect that we will see a mixture once again.

While the outcome of this final match technically will not matter, don't forget that the Caps currently sit near/at the top of the standings for the second round. It would be great to have a higher seed, although it might not matter in the end. Therefore, they could be going for a win.

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