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Grading out a 3-3 Draw with Colorado

Who did or didn’t do their job?

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, time to take a look at who I thought was worthy of grading.

As with others, a grading out of “C” means that their job was done to a satisfactory level. Nothing too noteworthy on either side of the ledger.

Carl Robinson: C+
Well, given this was the first of a 3 game week, I thought he got the lineup right. Obviously, when Waston got sent off, his choice of subs probably changed. Starting Davies was an eye-opener as I got the starting 11 for each team. It wasn’t an unwelcome one as I was definitely interested to see what he could do given the opportunity to start.

Pedro Morales: C+
This was going to be a C, but his goal, which frankly, I think a lot of fans could’ve scored, bumped it up to a C. I’m just not convinced that his head is all there.

Alphonso Davies: C
I think it’s hard to judge his game. Nothing too flashy nor glaring from the 15 year old. Some people had been calling for him to start and they finally got their wish.

Giles Barnes: B
Definitely his best game since joining the team. He and Hurtado combined nicely down the left side and found Pedro alone at the top of the six yard box for an easy finish. He seemed a lot more comfortable on the pitch today than he has to date with the Caps.