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Win now or play the future?

The rhetoric coming out of training is that the team has not yet given up on the season. Have you?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Interviews coming out of training suggest the team is still determined to fight to get into the playoffs until they are mathematically eliminated. With only a handful of games left while sitting six points out of the last playoff position their odds of making the post-season are against them. Even more daunting is the fact that the teams around them competing for that last playoff spot all have two games in hand on the 'Caps. They would need to win all four remaining games and the teams around them would need to lose favourably in order to get into the post-season.

Last weekend's loss to Seattle felt like the death knell for the season. Do you still believe? Should the 'Caps play their strongest eleven and see what falls their way? Or do they begin to look to the future and play the kids or reward the squad players who are working hard to crack the first team?

(Yes it's a poll! This entire article is an excuse for a poll.)