Guess the Starting XI and Final Score (Non-MLS Match #7: Sporting Kansas City)

Building off of the column written by one of our previous regulars, Spencer, I have decided to continue with a match thread for guessing the Starting XI and Final Score for each Vancouver Whitecaps match. However, the one change I will make is that we will keep track of scores throughout the season with an overall winner, and bragging rights, at the end.

Non-MLS Details

  • Contest will consist of the 2 to 4 (hopefully 4) Canadian Championship (Voyageurs Cup) Games
  • Contest will consist of the 4 CONCACAF Champions League Games
  • We will keep track of only 1 rankings/standings as there will only be a maximum of 8 matches
  • Your lowest/worst prediction score will be excluded. Therefore, each participants final score will consist of their top 7 matches
  • Predictions will be 'valid' if posted prior to the lineups being officially announced (approximately 1 hour before kickoff)
  • Participants will receive 1 point for every player correctly guessed to be in the Starting XI
  • Participants will receive 5 points for correctly guessing the winner (or draw) of the match
  • Participants will receive 3 points for correctly guessing the final score of the match

Standings (All Games)

User Change in Overall Match 6 Points
Rank Score Lineup Winner Score
Arjon - 77 7 5 0
rtomsheck +1 68 8 5 0
Edmondk +1 67 7 5 0
AtlantisB +1 65 9 5 0
Soccer Mum -3 63 7 0 0
John Andress - 44 0 0 0
Wardy1700 - 42 7 5 0
MarcoD77 - 30 6 0 0
MacMhuirrich - 22 0 0 0
Acumen - 9 0 0 0
Norselord - 8 0 0 0

Standings (Best 5)

Current Rank User Change in Overall
Rank Score
1 Arjon - 68
2 rtomsheck +1 60
3 Edmondk +1 59
4 AtlantisB +2 57
5 Soccer Mum -3 56
6 John Andress -1 44
7 Wardy1700 - 42
8 MarcoD77 - 30
9 MacMhuirrich - 22
10 Norselord - 16
11 Acumen - 9

Match Review (SKC) & Preview (SKC)

Despite having little success in MLS play, the Caps are actually playing quite well in CONCACAF Champions League play. Unfortunately, Soccer Mum did not have faith in the Caps CONCACAF success and it resulted in them tumbling down the standings. Time to get back on the winning side! While Arjon has faulted a bit in the MLS standings, they still lead the Non-MLS standings. With two matches left, a strong showing by them could wrap up the title. That would be 2 for 2 this season, after winning the 1st half MLS contest.

The Whitecaps are set to take on Sporting Kansas City again, only this time they are playing in KC. Typically travel is difficult, however, the Caps have lucked out during CONCACAF. Their match in T&T took place after their match in Houston, so they were already halfway there. This time, the Caps played in Columbus on Saturday and thus had a quick charter flight to Kansas City. As a result, the Caps should be in good condition for the match, despite playing Saturday.

Several regulars saw little to no action on Saturday, so we could see their insertion into the lineup this match. The Caps do not need to get a win or even a draw from this match to still be in a good shape to advance, with only a home match against T&T remaining and a 5-point cushion. With it being an away match and a key MLS matchup Saturday we might see a less than fully motivated lineup.

Time for you to guess! Remember, match begins Tuesday at 5pm, so need to get your selections in earlier!

UPDATE: Whitecaps Release 23-Man Roster for Match (

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