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The Route to World Cup Goes Through Vancouver Whitecaps and BC Place

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, the Canadian Men's National Soccer Team will face off against their nemesis Honduras, in San Pedro Sula, in a match that could decide whether they make it to The Hex. Lose and it is unlikely that they finish second behind already-winner Mexico. Draw (yes!) or win (ha!) and Canada has a very strong chance to advance, given their final match is at BC Place against El Salvador and Honduras' is AT Mexico.

Despite the optimism going into this match, there is always concern. After all, we would not be Canadian soccer fans without a built-in sense of fear of what might happen. The last time the Canadian team was in this situation 4 years ago, they were famously blown out by Honduras 8-1. However, this is a very different team than the team that lost that match. Not only on-paper is this a very different, more talented, team there is a greater sense of calm and ability with this squad. While I will be unable to watch the match, as I will be teaching at the very time it is occurring (come on, 2pm start time...sigh), I am excited and looking forward to the match. I am sure I will take breaks during the class to check on the score!

The Canadian defense will be anchored by two of the newest Vancouver Whitecaps players David Edgar and Marcel de Jong, with potential future additions to the national team, Fraser Aird, Alphonso Davies, and Russell Teibert in attendance to watch the Tuesday night leg against El Salvador. While the Whitecaps have been criticized a bit for not contributing much to the National Team as Montreal and Toronto, it is important to note that Bustos, Froese, Levis, McKendry (?), and Carducci could still play a role in the future for Canada's senior team.

Will you be watching on Friday? What are your expectations? What about Tuesday's potentially BIG match against El Salvador at BC Place? Will you be in attendance? Show your support for Canadian Soccer and make sure everyone you know is aware of this instrumental match, and watching.....and hope that the team doesn't screw it up! <--see, nervous excitement!