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Report Card: Vancouver vs. Kansas City (MLS regular season)

Another bad loss by a team that looks inferior to each new opponent during its run of bad form. Time for the players to face the music as the fans and eighty six forever assess their play.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It is now four losses in a row. The Whitecaps had some energy and seemed to want to play against Kansas City but, once again, the opposition had most of the ball, too many grade A chances on Ousted's goal and outplayed the ‘Caps to look the deserving team for the win. If I could sum up the Whitecaps' game on Saturday evening I would call it ineffectual.

David Edgar, B-

He has to share responsibility for allowing people to be so open on the first goal. Other than that, he is starting to show that he can be a strong presence at CB and can make a strong clean tackle at the critical moment. He may eventually be a big part of turning around their defensive woes.

Fraser Aird, D

But not until the RB position is sorted out and it was most definitely not sorted out in Kansas. Aird was constantly beat down the right side, often giving the wingers too much space for them to get off a dangerous shot on net. Aird's redeeming quality is his ability to put in a cross. But, how often did he display even that part of his game? He is a liability at RB, simply because he cannot contain that side of the pitch.

Marcel De Jong, C-

He was marginally more successful at the other full back position and made himself a presence in the offensive end. Still, he was not any more effective than his teammates.

Kendall Waston, C-

He was not very noticeable this game. Made contact with his head off a corner straight into the keepers hands, and must share the blame on the first goal.

Andrew Jacobson, D

I like Jacobson. He is a good player. But, KC's midfield had Vancouver's midfield in its pocket, especially in front of the box.

Pedro Morales, F

Pedro, where are you? Your team is calling and they could use some help.

Christian Bolaños, C

Bolaños shows his quality on the ball and was active throughout the game. But again, was not effective in generating much offensively. He was involved in the few chances Vancouver had in the game. Not sure his ineffectiveness is entirely his fault.

Giles Barnes, B-

Barnes had an excellent shot off his head that forced a good save from the keeper. He ran back to help out the flailing defense and tried to make something of the scraps that came his way.

Nicolas Mezquida, C-

He ran about the pitch, got in people's faces and tried to muck about, but KC often just played around him. I didn't see the playmaking we need from him in the forward position.

David Ousted, C

It's hard to be down on Ousted since he's a good keeper on a team in bad form. The fault on the first goal lay in front of him. He saved the first PK attempt, but clearly left his line too early and then just got beat by a good PK strike on the retake. He made a few great saves to keep the team from going down 3-0, but that hardly made a difference to the final result.

Surely, many of you will find these grades to be generous. Let's hear your take.