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Match Recap - Caps lose 2-0

Still winless in Kansas City

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Sporting KC John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, another game, another loss. Once again, there was some controversy, courtesy of PRO, and more specifically head referee Kevin Stott. This time, there would be no debate as to whether the call, which I’ll get into later would have any tangible effect on the outcome of the match.

Robinson, after the debacle that was Viernes du Futbol aka last Friday’s brutal loss to SJ, made 3 changes. Parker, Laba and Kudo made way for Aird, Jacobson and Perez respectively. I was hoping for more, as to emphasize the opportunity they have to separate themselves from SKC after their surprising draw down in Trinidad & Tobago midweek.

Much like previous weeks, it was a pretty hard half to watch. Within the first 15 minutes, both SKC CBs were booked. Ellis was booked for introducing his forearm/elbow into the neck of Giles Barnes. Besler was shown yellow for clipping Nicolas Mezquida after feeding the ball to Barnes, who was deemed to be offside. Of note, somehow, SKC ended up with the free kick. PRO referees......errr....Kevin Stott at his finest. More from him shortly.

Ousted appeared to be in a shooting gallery, with both Davis and Zusi firing balls just off target. 6 minutes from half, off a SKC corner Nuno Coehlo hits the Feilhaber corner first time, takes a deflection off an unmarked Jacob Peterson and in behind Ousted. 1-0 SKC and most Caps fans figured it was game over. Yes, that was it for the first half.

One thing I should note, TSN interviewed Bobby Lenarduzzi pitchside at halftime. Why do I mention this? It was the same rhetoric that we’ve been hearing for a couple years now with a slightly different twist. Perry, to his credit, asked about spending a big more money on an impact DP. Bobby, to his credit, danced around the question so well, one might mistake him for being a male version of a ballerina. If any of you out there are, or have been, my apologies. “....continue on the path we’re on” to me, just screams that we’ll continue to thumb through the bargain bin in South America and hope to find our version of Diego Valeri.

The 2nd half started out on a slightly positive note, with the Caps finally registering a shot on goal, courtesy of a powerful Giles Barnes header than SKC keeper Kann touched over the bar. A few minutes later, Waston directed another powerful header on goal, but directly at Kann.

In the 62nd minute, Peterson broke into the 18 and was taken down, from behind, by Aird. PK given, no question from me. What I do have a problem with, and perhaps it’s a FIFA Rules of the Game thing or maybe it’s MLS. Feilhaber made the biggest pause, damn near stopping midstride, during his approach before having his attempted stopped by Ousted.

Last item of note, Dom Dwyer, yes Mr LeRoux, picked up a yellow for a completely unnecessary tackle on David Ousted. Some people have a problem with Dwyer. I don’t.....his choice of women and how they act, are a completely different story for a different piece.

Needless to say, it was a rather discouraging performance by the Caps, who haven’t scored a non-stoppage time goal in over 450 minutes, and their last goal scored, in MLS play away from home was Christian Bolanos’ 84th minute strike at Talen Energy Stadium in Chester.

Up next, another encounter with Sporting Kansas City, this time in Champions League play and at home, where they’ve managed to score some goals.