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What do you consider a flashy and appropriate DP signing?

Diego Forlan is apparently not coming to the Whitecaps, do you wish he were?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

We were following a rumour about Diego Forlan joining the Whitecaps, you can check it out here, and decided not to run with it once the rumours were squashed. But it got me thinking about a player like Forlan in a 'Caps uniform. Let's make this clear, the word is he is not coming! This is a hypothetical article. In his prime, I absolutely loved Forlan. I thought he had a brilliant run for Uruguay in the World Cup and pushed that team towards a Cinderella run. According to the rumour thread in the above link Forlan had a good season in Uruguay, playing all 30 games and scoring 8 goals and 12 assists, encouraging some to claim he still has what it takes to be productive. Obviously, he won't be the Forlan I drooled over in his prime, but it makes you wonder what a player of that class and experience could bring to a struggling Whitecaps team.

Is this the type of DP signing you would like to see the 'Caps make? Is it reasonable to expect young talent like Giovinco and Dos Santos to come to Vancouver? What do you think is a reasonable expectation for a team in Vancouver and what would you like to see as a new DP?