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Whitecaps vs. Dallas: The Grades

The Whitecaps wilt in the Dallas heat and so do their individual evaluations.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the Vancouver Whitecaps wilt in the Texas heat to a 2-0 loss to Dallas it is time to grade the individual play of a team that was soundly outplayed by their opponents, especially in the second half. To do so the question must be asked, "Was there a Whitecap who made a positive mark on the game?" Not in the midfield, where the ‘Caps seemed to lose out on every ball in the air and every second ball challenge. Even the mighty David Ousted had a disappointing outing.

So here come the underwhelming grades.

Once again, a C is the standard for a player getting his job done and nothing more.

David Ousted, C-

Ousted did not have a lot to do, and we didn't see any of the exceptional reflex saves he has been making of late, but the first goal is one I'm sure he felt he could have had. The second goal he had no chance on.

Blas Perez, C

This was a big game for Blas as it was his first game in Dallas where we had been a hero so many times. I was prepared to give him extra points if he managed to get a fan base who loved him so much to boo him like everyone else in the league does. He wasn't able to produce much of anything and it's hard to blame him entirely since he received so little service from the midfield.

Masato Kudo, C-

Kudo didn't receive much more service himself, he was often muscled off the ball when he had it, and every ball that came to him in the air was easily picked off by the Dallas back line. Either the tactics didn't suit Kudo's game or he was smothered by the defense, either way, he was ineffective.

Pedro Morales, D

The midfield was second best on the night, and Morales was not able to make any of his searching passes. Whether he was patrolling the left side or later in the game when he dropped back he was not an offensive factor. The D grade may be harsh, but we need Morales to lead the offense and on this afternoon there was no offense.

Andrew Jacobson, C-

Jacobson has played some good games lately so in my mind he has set the bar fairly high for himself, but I thought this was one of his worst games as a ‘Cap. He was not effective going forward and did not offer much as a holding mid. It looked like the heat affected him more than others.

Waston / Parker C-

Their first half was strong by keeping a clean sheet. Waston played smart, restrained defense while strong in the air and Parker made a smart and clean tackle in the box to stop a break on net. But in the second half they began to be picked apart by the Dallas attackers. Particularly on their second goal.

Christian Bolaños, C

Bolaños looked good with the ball as he often does, but wasn't able to truly affect the game.

Marcel De Jong, C

Is it a good thing if you don't notice a fullback in a football match? He made a nice cross into Bolaños in the first half, and after that, I mostly remember him making throw-ins. He did successfully make a few second half clearances out of the box, but most of the Dallas attack either came down the middle or on Seiler's side.

Cole Seiler, C+

I thought Seiler played a relatively good game. He played the ball safe when going forward. Got himself in the right place to make a number of defensive tackles and once in the second half showed a glimpse of what he can do going forward as he chipped the ball past his man to dart up the wing.

That is my take. What's yours?