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Octavio Rivero Officially Transferred To Colo-Colo

The Whitecaps have sent the 24 year old to Chile

Anne-Marie Sorvin -USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps confirmed rumors on Tuesday, announcing the transfer of Octavio Rivero to Chilean side Colo-Colo. The Whitecaps will receive a percentage of any future transfer fees Colo-Colo obtains for Rivero. The amount he was transferred for was not disclosed.

It's a quiet end for the striker, who was brought to Vancouver in the hopes he could become the club's 'go-to' goal scorer. In the first few months last season, he looked like he truly could become that guy for the Whitecaps, filling a void left vacant by the departure of Camilo. Instead, he struggled, never regaining his confidence or scoring at the rate the Whitecaps needed. Now, he'll try to regain that swagger in Chile, where he played for O'Higgins FC in 2014.

He has plenty of time to re-discover his game at the age of 24, but it was clearly time for him to move on in Vancouver. While his work rate was impressive, he never scored the amount of goals his salary demanded of him. I like Rivero a lot and hope he finds success with his new club.

Now, Carl Robinson needs to find his replacement. I'm not sure if that 2-0 loss to the Galaxy rang any alarm bells at Whitecaps HQ, but this club needs more options at striker than Erik Hurtado.