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Beyond the Lens - Gone and Forgotten?

I take a look at a few players who once donned the blue and white.

In the aftermath of the Fabian Espindola episode, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at a few players, who you may not have realized were a part of the Whitecaps organization.

Gagandeep Dosanjh

Picture was taken by yours truly.

If you don't remember the name or the face, I don't blame you.  Gagan, or Gags, as people know him now, started with the Whitecaps PDL team in 2008, tallying 6 times in 38 appearances, before leaving for UBC to further his education.  He led the 2012 Thunderbirds to a National Championship before rejoining former youth club coach, Colin Miller, who had taken over in Edmonton.  In his 2nd stint with the Caps, he would play alongside 1st teamers Sam Adekugbe, Marco Bustos, Marco Carducci, Kianz Froese and former Cap Ethen Sampson.

After 2 rather unspectacular years in Edmonton, he parted ways with the club and can now be found playing for Vancouver United FC in the Pacific Coast Soccer League, also home to a few others as well.

Marco Visintin
Yes, I'm going back to around the same time period.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots, but after a full 5 years at UBC, playing for the Thunderbirds and seeing some time with the Caps PDL team, Marco is also with Vancouver United FC.

Victor Blasco
After such a promising start with WFC2 in their Inaugural campaign, Victor was let go for undisclosed reasons and now has turned up playing for Mid-Isle Mariners, also in the PCSL.  Now, instead of playing against guys who are better, there are times when he looks like a big fish in a small pond.

Titouan Chopin
For those who haven't followed the Residency programs for a couple years won't recognize or may flat out refuse to believe me when that Titouan spent 1 year with the U16 and 1 year with the U18 teams.  His time with the Caps was overshadowed by his teammates (Adekugbe, Bustos, Haynes, Carducci and Froese), however he's currently with the Vancouver Thunderbirds (UBC team) in the PCSL.

I would like to thank the Umbrella Ultras for introducing me to Van Utd and the PCSL in an attempt to support local soccer.  They were also the primary source for informing me that Blasco was still playing soccer.  The Umbrella Ultras may be the only supporters group in the PCSL.  They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under their name.