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Fabian Espindola Transferred to Club Necaxa

He won't suit up for Vancouver, but at least the Whitecaps are getting paid

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Still not as bad as Jarju.

The Vancouver Whitecaps officially transferred striker Fabian Espindola to mexican side Club Necaxa, ending the 31 year old striker's time with Vancouver before it ever began. According to the Whitecaps press release, Espindola was ready to come to Canada, but the Whitecaps received an offer from Necaxa they couldn't refuse.

The choice quote from the press release:

We acquired Fabián last week as we felt he would be a good addition to our team," said Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson. "After we finalized the trade, we were presented with an offer from Club Necaxa, which provides us with a significant amount of allocation money, and puts us in a better position than we were prior to this trade. We discussed the offer with Fabián and he agreed to the move. We will continue to look for another attacking player, as we are always looking to improve our club for the short, medium, and long term."

That means the Whitecaps are still looking for options at the striker position, although they have some more money to do that moving forward. You can read more discussion about that from the earlier thread.