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Report Card: Whitecaps Vs Dynamo

Busting out the red ink for the Whitecaps

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't a great match, but the Vancouver Whitecaps were still able to snag a point in their scoreless draw with the Houston Dynamo. The Whitecaps couldn't mount much of an attack in the second half, so I've decided to focus most of the grades on the effort from the defense. Not surprisingly, David Ousted lead the way with his play, but the play of Cole Seiler was another one of the highlights.

Cole Seiler: B+ has a great write-up of Cole Seiler and his MLS debut, as he started for the Whitecaps at right back in place of Jordan Smith. Seiler is just 22 years old, and while he had a few nervous moments, he showed some flashes of brilliance too.

With the Whitecaps having issues on the backline for essentially the entire season, it's nice to know another depth option is on the roster. Seiler had a strong debut for the Whitecaps, and here's hoping he gets a few more chances to show off what he can do.

David Ousted: A

Is there really any surprise here? David Ousted had an amazing game against the Dynamo, with no less than 2 brilliant saves that preserved the point for Vancouver. Ousted recorded four saves in total in his clean sheet victory and saved his best for the end of each half.

Seriously, the dude was magnificent.

Kendall Waston: B

Kendall Waston has been the target of some criticism lately, not playing up to the standards Whitecaps fans are generally accustomed to seeing. Perhaps his MLS-All Star selection gave him an extra boost of confidence, but Waston looked much better against the Dynamo.

The Center Back lead the way with a game high 13 clearances, although there were still some nervous moments. This was a good match for Waston, and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Matias Laba and Andrew Jacobson: B+ had a nice blurb about the two defensive midfielders, Laba and Jacobson. Basically, they say the duo were able to pace the Whitecaps with their possession and passing.

Andrew Jacobson and Matias Laba did an excellent job of controlling the midfield for the Whitecaps. The central pair were on the ball frequently and moved it with accuracy.  Laba's 92 percent passing accuracy on 49 passes was up from his season average of 86 percent passing accuracy and Jacobson's 94 percent rate was far better than his season average of 83 percent.

Jacobson is easily my pick for most underrated Whitecap this season. His versatility and solid play has made Carl Robinson look very smart for picking him up.

Any grades you want to dole out?