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Waston receives an invite to the MLS All Star Game

Kendall Waston was surprised to receive the call.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Waston has been selected by Dominic Kinnear to play in the MLS All Star game on Thursday, July 28 against Arsenal of the English Premier League. Kinnear chose twenty four players including the fan voted starting eleven to fill out his roster. Don Garber will choose an additional two players for the team.

The news was not expected for Waston,

"For me, to be on the All-Star team is a blessing," Waston told "It's an honour to represent my club in this big game. It means a lot to me. To be honest, I didn't expect it but I'm obviously not going to say no. I'm really, really happy to be there."

I have to admit it was a surprise for me as well. Waston has had his struggles this season and it has seemed as though the league, and particularly the Disciplinary Committee has taken a stern stance against him. It is good to see his reputation includes the positives of his game.

Waston joins a short list of 'Caps players to have played in the All Star game: Jay Demerit, Camilo and David Ousted last year.