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Vancouver Whitecaps Sign 15-year-old Alphonso Davies to MLS Contract

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today JonSzekeres reported on Sam Adekugbe being loaned to Brighton on the English second-division. The obvious reason for this move was to free up a roster spot for de Jong and/or sign a new DP. However, it would appear that was not the case as the Vancouver Whitecaps made another big announcement today.

The Whitecaps officially announced the signing of 15-year-old (and 256 days) savior (tongue-in-cheek) Alphonso Davies to a MLS contract. Alphonso Davies has experienced a meteoric rise since arriving in the Whitecaps system just last summer. He has been making regular appearances for the USL Whitecaps team, the ThunderCaps, after spending some time with the MLS Whitecaps during the preseason. Davies has also seen some time with the senior team through the Canadian Championship, which allows the Whitecaps to call-up players from the USL team. This move might explain why he was called up during the final, but did not start. It was the last call-up available for Davies and thus he would not be able to play in the CONCACAF Champions League. Apparently that is no longer an issue.

The move is a positive one but one that must be approached with caution. While he looked good in his time with the senior team, and has not looked out of place in USL, it is important to remember that he is 15, so he still needs to spend his days in high school! Also, remember that it is easy for an unknown to look good. When teams start to account for him and how to defend him, things might change. The key will be whether he can adapt.

What might be questioned is the timing of this signing. The Whitecaps are full-up on roster positions and given the need for more scoring, and an open DP spot, many were hoping/assuming that loaning a player such as Adekugbe would result in the signing of an impact player. Sure, Davies makes an impact, but not in the way that is needed currently.

What are your thoughts on this signing?