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Report Card: Whitecaps vs. Colorado Rapids

Another home game, another goal given up at the death. But how did the Whitecaps' individual performances play out?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It certainly wasn't the crushing defeat in the ACC final from a week and a half ago, but giving up a goal at the last moment in ANY game is never fun. But who got us here? Let's take a look at the individual performances of the Vancouver Whitecaps...

David Ousted - C+

Weathered the early storm of Kevin Doyle and Shkelzen Gashi, but guessed wrong on the first goal and was maybe drawn too far to the side on the second? Not that they would have been easy saves, but I wouldn't doubt Ousted feels like he could have made one of the two.

Kendall Waston - B

Waston was a weird one for me on the night: he heads home the first goal, but gets caught flat-footed on Colorado's opening goal. He heads clear a potential goal on the end line, but gets drawn way out of position on the Rapids' stoppage time equaliser. The fact that his grade could have fluctuated between A and D so easily is a little unnerving.

Jordan Smith - C+

Got up the pitch well, played a good ball or two into the box, but the passes that weren't made were far more glaring. Gets stuck in, but has to work on his distribution. And why didn't he cover the middle of the box on the last goal when Waston was chasing Doyle around?

Jordan Harvey - C+

Unfortunately stuck between a rock & a hard place on Axel Sjoberg's goal. Waston following Doyle to the corner of the box left Harvey to deal with Sjoberg and Marlon Hairston. So who did he choose? Both and neither, somehow.

Tim Parker - C+

Nearly headed home a goal, but too many balls downfield that didn't find their target. Until he finds that longball touch, maybe leave it to the midfielders.

Christian Bolanos - B

Reworked the early corner into the cross that Waston headed home, and would have scored himself if it wasn't for the Save of the Week from Tim Howard. Despite the draw, good performance overall from Bolanos.

Andrew Jacobson - C+

A little anonymous for me. The passing was decent (simple and direct, rather than adventurous) as was his defending. But, in watching the replays of the two Colorado goals, I noticed him doing the same thing both times: just trotting back on defence, not doing anything wrong, but not really part of the play either. It may sound a little harsh, given how the goals were built up, but I'd like to think there'd be more involvement, good or bad, when everything is going down.

Matías Laba - C+

Had some magical defensive moments, but once he wins the ball he's got to figure out that distribution! Fix that passing in training!

Pedro Morales - B

Drew the red card that turned the game on its head, but first had a heck of cross-field pass that led to the corner & possession that came before Waston's goal. His passing was decent overall, but his positioning on the wing in a 4-4-2 will always be weird to me, as it will force the distribution to be less dynamic, a 180-degree scope of passing rather than 360°.

Kekuta Manneh/Erik Hurtado - C-

As the striker going forward, neither did enough, plain and simple. Manneh made some decent runs down the pitch before getting hurt, but ultimately would run straight at defenders rather than go around, while Hurtado did his usual thing: work hard & have no payoff.

Blas Perez - C+

Had some shots on net, but I don't think he was being targeted well enough before being subbed out. Does that mean he's got to change up his game to get open, or to get into better passing lanes? Quite possibly.

And for what It's worth, the other two subs get a rating as well, but for two different reasons...

Cristian Techera - B

Despite being on the pitch for only ten minutes, Techera drew a penalty and buried the PK himself to take the lead, so he definitely gets praise for his short time on the pitch. As EdmondK pointed out in his recap, Techera ignored Bolanos' demands to take the penalty, and I'm glad he did: I definitely haven't forgotten this weak effort against New York City FC in April.

Nicolás Mezquida - C

Was only on the pitch for 25 minutes, made the pass that led to the Techera PK, but to be honest, I wanted to mention Mezquida to draw attention to the fact that he needs to start far more often. He's not the supersub spark plug off the bench that Manneh was in his rookie year, but he shouldn't have to be; he controls the game well when's he in the No. 10 spot.

Can anyone explain in the comments why Mezquida isn't always in the starting 11???

(And props to Masato Kudo; great to see him back in the lineup, even if he didn't play!)