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Vancouver Whitecaps Mid-Season MVP

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

At 15 matches played, we are nearly at the halfway point of the 34-match 2016 MLS season. As a result, I believe it is time to hand out some mid-season hardware. The Vancouver Whitecaps have been a bit up and down this season, as have some of the players. However, are there some that have stood out as being a bit more consistent and reliable than others? While we can go through the process of naming a first-half MVP, I thought it might be fun to do a couple of different awards. Therefore, in addition to MVP, let's name: Most Exciting; Unsung; Frustrating (should we just call this the Rivero award now?); and Intriguing Prospect. Of course, if you have certain awards you would like to nominate players for, do not hesitate to suggest them. Maybe most red cards by season end? Most flops? How about most hands-on-hips or most likely to be played out-of-position? Let's see what your creative minds can come up with.