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Octavio Rivero leaving Vancouver Whitecaps for Chile?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Where there is smoke, is there fire?

Octavio Rivero joined the Vancouver Whitecaps prior to the 2015 season. After flubbing his first open-net opportunity against TFC, Rivero showed a strikers-mind coming back to score later in the contest. The quick start continued for Rivero and he was awarded the first Player of the Month for 2015. However, Rivero went from hot to ice glacier cold! Failing to do much of anything away from the penalty spot for the rest of the season, Rivero failed to live up to hopes? expectations?

The slow first season is not uncommon for players coming into the league. Rivero is young and I am sure the culture shock and move took its toll. There was hope that he could bounce back in his second season with the Whitecaps. Over the first half of the 2016 season, Rivero has been better, but still not good enough. As can be expected the lack of goal scoring began to heavily fuel the transfer rumor mill.

The first evidence that Rivero might be on his way out came when pundits all but assured fans that Kei Kamara was coming to Vancouver and Rivero was going to Columbus Crew. While this deal fell through (or maybe didn't exist at all?) it did begin to raise questions about whether the Whitecaps were looking to move their DP.

Last week, Rivero's name popped up again in the transfer rumor scene, with reports stating he was on his way back to Uruguay. However, it was unclear how credible those rumors were and whether the claim was simply wishful thinking on the part of some, not all, fans or whether there was credence to this report.

Flash forward a week and we appear to have yet another Rivero transfer rumor. This time, it appears Rivero might be on his way to Chile. This rumor appears to have a bit more momentum than the previous rumor as some have noted remarks on Chilean radio of a pending signing of Rivero to Colo Colo.

We will see if this rumor continues to move towards truth or whether it quickly disappears into the forever churning soccer gossip! Regardless, we might be able to say now 'where there is smoke, there is fire'?