Guess the Starting XI and Final Score (Non-MLS Match# 3: Toronto FC)

Building off of the column written by one of our previous regulars, Spencer, I have decided to continue with a match thread for guessing the Starting XI and Final Score for each Vancouver Whitecaps match. However, the one change I will make is that we will keep track of scores throughout the season with an overall winner, and bragging rights, at the end.

Non-MLS Details

  • Contest will consist of the 2 to 4 (hopefully 4) Canadian Championship (Voyageurs Cup) Games
  • Contest will consist of the 4 CONCACAF Champions League Games
  • We will keep track of only 1 rankings/standings as there will only be a maximum of 8 matches
  • Your lowest/worst prediction score will be excluded. Therefore, each participants final score will consist of their top 7 matches
  • Predictions will be 'valid' if posted prior to the lineups being officially announced (approximately 1 hour before kickoff)
  • Participants will receive 1 point for every player correctly guessed to be in the Starting XI
  • Participants will receive 5 points for correctly guessing the winner (or draw) of the match
  • Participants will receive 3 points for correctly guessing the final score of the match


Current Rank User Change in Overall Match 2 Points
Rank Score Lineup Winner Score
1 Arjon +3 23 6 5 3
2 John Andress +5 22 7 5 3
3 Soccer Mum -2 21 7 5 0
4 rtomsheck -1 21 7 5 0
5 AtlantisB +1 21 5 5 3
6 Edmondk -4 20 6 5 0
7 MacMhuirrich - 12 7 5 0
8 Wardy1700 - 11 6 5 0
9 Acumen - 9 4 5 0
10 Norselord -5 8 0 0 0

Match Review (Ottawa) & Preview (TFC)

Sorry about the delay in getting this up. Was planning on doing it yesterday and then completely forgot! A few participants missed the first match, but joined us in the second match. Hopefully we see even more join in.

The second leg of the Voyageurs Cup Semi-Final was more fruitful for participants in our little contest as EVERYONE predicted a Whitecaps win. with 3 even correctly predicting the score. With so many correct guess though, it sort of means everyone cancels each other out and we end up right where we were to begin with. What is important to highlight is that the lineup predictions were far less accurate. In MLS play, most managers get around 9 correct. Against Ottawa? About 7. A bit more of an unpredictable lineup. Should make for an interesting contest this season.

With the lineup switch-a-roos, what do we see for the first leg of the Final against Toronto FC? The Whitecaps chartered a flight to Toronto today and then plan to stay in Toronto all week, traveling directly to Philly on Friday. That means all players that will feature in Toronto and Philly could theoretically be on the plane. Good luck figuring out the lineup. In a weird turn of fate (well, if the Caps had won on the weekend), the rash of suspensions means that the Whitecaps should field a fairly good lineup against Toronto on Tuesday. I would expect Rivero, Morales, and Waston to feature. What about some of the young kids? Do we see a mixture? Does Davies play? Time to make your predictions.

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