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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Ottawa Fury.

Losing grades for a losing effort.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

A knee jerk reaction would be to throw our arms up in disgust and wail, "How could the Whitecaps possibly lose 2-0 to a second tier NASL side full of MLS rejects and MLS wanna-bees. It was their first time in the tournament and we should have walked right over them no matter who we put out there." It may not be your knee jerk reaction it’s just a reaction. But, there are some good players in Ottawa. They were the bigger, stronger club on the night, they looked confident and they outplayed Vancouver.

Worse than losing to the Fury the Whitecaps didn’t compete, and for that the Whitecaps must be judged:

A grade of C represents the least amount of competency for a player to get his job done. Anything lower is a failing grade.

Paulo Tornaghi – B

It is hard to blame him for either goal, and he made a nice save off the initial shot on the second goal to add to a couple more fine saves in the game.

The Defense – C-

The radio team had Seiler as their man of the match, but I can’t get the replay out of my head of him watching the ball ping around him in the box on that second goal.

Parker struggled as well. Yes, they were better in the second half, but in the first half when the Fury pressured the backline were in disarray.

Ditto for Aird. It seemed all his crosses in the first half sailed over everyone’s head, it didn’t help that the forwards were all tiny compared to Ottawa’s defense.

I haven’t felt comfortable about Adegkube’s defensive game this season.

The Midfield – D

I am giving the entire midfield a failing grade for not containing the Fury or being able to win the ball off them. The first goal was a definitive example of how as a group they couldn’t stop what Ottawa was doing with the ball. They all buzzed Fury ball carriers with Teibert like speed and tenacity, while the Ottawa’s players walked right around them. If there was a contested ball Ottawa always seemed to walk away with it and the few times Vancouver did have possession the ball went right back to the opposition.

The Forwards

Eric Hurtado – C+

The midfield couldn’t get him the ball and his first touch would let him down, but he did get the odd shot off. But, what was he thinking passing the ball across a crowded box at the end of the game? Shoot to score, Eric!

The Subs,

Kekuta Manneh B

He had some industry and the offense began to breath again with him on the field, but his final pass was often lacking.

Octavio RiveroC-

When the ball was on his foot to score that all important away goal in extra time he let the keeper make a great point blank save. That ball has to go in the net, period.

These are failing grades for a failed performance. The ‘Caps never looked like they could win this game.

What do you think?