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Report Card: Vancouver vs. New England

A disappointing game where the Whitecaps couldn't put any bite into their offense. We grade the players on their game.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It was a dull, disappointing game against the Revolution on Saturday, which mirrored the dreary, drizzling day outside. I can't help thinking that was a game the ‘Caps could have won. Not that New England played badly. They just didn't seem to play brilliantly. But, the Revolution made good on two of their chances and as much as the Whitecaps huffed and puffed in the second half they couldn't make good on two of theirs. The 'Caps had not bite to their offense in this one.

Here is a look at player grading. A grade of C indicates they did their job, no more no less.

Jordan Smith, C-

He had the well-timed sliding tackle working for him in the first half having cleared the ball from danger a number of times. I have liked Smith's game over the last couple matches he has started, but he was found wanting on the first goal.

Andrew Jacobson, C-

It seemed both he and Smith were looking at the other to do something about Woodberry on New England's first goal. Needless to say, they did nothing to get in his way and Woodberry got his head on the free kick uncontested.

Jordan Harvey, B+

Harvey had a good game. He was strong in defense and won balls back in the offensive box allowing the ‘Caps to keep up pressure in the second half. Harvey was consistently one of the few ‘Caps able to put crosses that forwards could get to.

Kekuta Manneh, C+

He was an outlet on the left side and was often able to move the ball into the opposing end. He was able to beat defenders on the dribble and cut inside at the top of the box. The problem was, it ended there. His strikes weren't a danger on goal and his crosses... did he make a cross that connected the entire game? Hurtado set him up for a sitter at the top of the box with nothing but an open corner of net to shoot for. Had Manneh made that shot all would be forgiven, but it sailed over the crossbar. I gave a C+ because Kekuta seemed to be able to get the ball a lot around the box, however, that grade seems a little generous because if there is no final ball what's the point?

Nicholas Mezquida, B+

Nico scored a beautiful goal off the free kick with a ball that curled just beyond Knighton's diving reach and into the top corner. It was a stunner that complemented his one touch passing in tight quarters and his energetic movement on and off the ball.

Christian Techera, C

Where has Techera gone? He seemed largely MIA in this match. He wasn't burned, but what did he do? Where is the Techera that we first met? He is not the same player this year.

Erik Hurtado, B+

Hurtado was the in house man-of-the-match and had repeated success beating New England's high back line. He was able to get to balls and hold up play for his teammates. He made some nice passes around the box, not the least of which is the aforementioned sitter for Manneh and he had a break away in the first half that missed the net. It would be nice to see Hurtado add the odd goal to his improved performances.

David Ousted, C+

We didn't see the big save from Ousted this game. Not that he was called on a lot, and not that he was to blame on either goal. Still, two goals went by him and it was a pretty average game for him. And the way Ousted has played most games this season average is actually below average for him. I will give his C a + because he distributed the ball well.

I have missed a few. What were your thoughts?