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Octavio Rivero: Staying or Going?

More rumours are flying

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Reports on the Internet have once again surfaced around Octavio Rivero’s potential departure from Vancouver. This time, he could be bound for Uruguayan club Nacional, or if that fails their rival, Peñarol. Whether either one of these go through or not, remains to be seen. There was also a suggestion that the money being received by the Whitecaps from the upcoming friendly with Crystal Palace would be used to buy a new DP.

We have seen this before, as recently as a month ago, when reports surfaced during the Caps/Fire match, that there was supposedly a deal in place with Columbus with Kei Kamara coming back. As we all know, that didn't happen, and Kamara is now with the Whitecaps next opponent, the New England Revolution.

Stay tuned, as I believe these rumours about Rivero will continue as long as he’s in the blue and white. Kinda reminds me of the saga of a former Whitecap striker, who went back to his home country......