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The MLS All Star Vote leaders are announced and not a Whitecap in sight.

Whew! You can all rest easy. It looks like come the All Star Game your Whitecaps will be resting too.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The current vote leaders for the All Star game have been announced on Reddit MLS and no Whitecaps players are on the short list. This list is compiled by fan votes who have until July 4thto make their bids on the MLS website. Unless your name is Drogba, Villa or Giovinco, and you're a forward it doesn't look like you will get the call.

The same goes for the ‘Caps in other positions on the field, but really, other than David Ousted which Whitecap has played at a level consistently enough to even be noticed by the rest of the fans of the league. And David Ousted could play lights out, and he often has this season, and still the rest of the league wouldn't notice. He would have to lead the league in shutouts and be near the top with the most wins to get the nod. Wait, isn't that how he finished last season? Sorry David, that is how it goes up here. But hey, you get to live in a gorgeous city. You could be living in Columbus.

With the Whitecaps' collection of red and yellow accessories I suspect league fans see the team as a bunch of ankle whacking, ref gacking, pitch diving, roll around boys with anger management issues. Who is going to vote for someone like that? But the real issue here is the Whitecaps have come out to such an inconsistent start for so many reasons, suspensions, injuries, call-ups, adjustment periods and the odd stinker, that who on this team really deserves to be voted by fans onto the first team. Other than David Ousted, but for that I refer you to my previous comment.

For so many fans on this forum the silver lining is that no one from the team will be risking injury or fatigue in a meaningless game and can stay home and prepare for the weekend's league game. But it is meaningful to the players selected to the team.

The only players that would possibly rather not be called up are the big stars that have glistened in the spotlight their entire careers. That's right, the guys leading the votes: Drogba, Villa, Giovinco. The fans can have their way on this one because no ‘Cap has earned the right through his play to be in the first team conversation. Except for.... you know.

But wait, they aren't out of the woods yet. Some Whitecaps could make the team if selected by the commissioner (yeah, right!) or by receiving two votes in a player poll (wha?). Or, and probably the best shot we have to get a player in the game, everyone can pull out their FIFA 16 video games, place Hurtado at the top of your formation and have him pump in goals religiously until he tops the AT&T/EA Sports "More than a Goal Challenge."

I think the writing is on the wall for our Whitecaps in this year's MLS All Star game. We can rest easy knowing they will be resting easy.

Even, David Ousted.