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Vancouver Whitecaps Forget the ACC Started Tonight, Losing 2-0 to Ottawa Fury

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps began defense of their Canadian Championship Wednesday night against Ottawa Fury. Well, they were supposed to start their defense, however, apparently no one informed the youth-laden team that took to the pitch as their display was abysmal.

As expected, the Whitecaps started a mostly ThunderCaps (Whitecaps FC 2) and Canadian lineup, with Aird, Adekugbe, McKendry, Teibert, Bustos, and Froese starting.

Unfortunately, the match did not start out the way the Whitecaps would have liked as former Whitecaps Jonny Steele curled a lovely ball into the top corner in the 3rd minute to put the home team ahead 1-0. Being down early, the Whitecaps did show some resolve and bounced back immediately after the goal, continuing to press forward. However, the Caps never truly threatened the Fury keeper. The 'hope' of heading into the halftime break down only 1-0 was dashed in the 41st minute as another former Whitecaps Paulo Junior scored for Ottawa Fury.

While the Whitecaps improved in the second half, it was not by much. The highlight of the second half was probably the 72nd minute substitution appearance of 15-year-old Alphonso Davies. The match concluded in predictable fashion

The Vancouver Whitecaps now have a week to lick their wounds and determine a way to score three goals next Wednesday. While the Whitecaps are down, there is reason to remain positive. Not only was the team out there tonight not the best, Ottawa has to travel to Florida this weekend before heading to Vancouver. They are going to be a tired team while the Whitecaps will be well-rested. However, the bigger concern might be keeping a clean sheet as the Caps have struggled at keeping the ball out of their own net of late. If Ottawa scores next Wednesday, Whitecaps need 4 to win. Yikes!

What were your thoughts?