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Are Any Extra Cheers or Jeers in Store for Darren Mattocks?

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How will you welcome Mattocks back to Vancouver?

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps faithful should see a familiar face when the Portland Timbers and Whitecaps square off at BC Place on Saturday, as striker Darren Mattocks is set to make his first visit since he was traded in March. Mattocks was the Whitecaps second overall SuperDraft pick in 2012 and though he had an impressive rookie season, he wasn't able to find any consistency offensively and eventually found himself pushed further down the depth chart.

Mattocks was a polarizing figure in his time here, no doubt; His bone-headed comments on a Jamaican talk show in 2013 certainly didn't earn him any fans, and there were questions about his maturity and attitude on the pitch. To his credit, those concerns were mostly put to bed in the latter part of his time in Vancouver, although he was never able to re-discover his scoring touch.

Since his trade to Portland, the 25 year old Mattocks has made two starts and five substitution appearances and has chipped in with a goal and an assist. Whether he is actually in the starting lineup when the Timbers come to town remains to be seen, but it's likely fans will see him at some point of the match.

Given that Mattocks was a bit of a controversial figure in his time in Vancouver, do you think fans will have something extra in store for him? When Eric Hassli made his return it was a very warm welcome, but Hassli had a very strong bond with the fans, a bond I don't think Mattocks was able to forge in his time here. Is anyone planning on giving Mattocks the bronx cheer for the whole match, or perhaps even a few genuine cheers? I personally plan on giving the dude a few cheers, as long as he doesn't actually come close to scoring a goal.

What about you?