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Beyond the Lens - Carl Robinson

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A look at the Manager

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it:  Carl Robinson will not get everything right, and when he doesn't he gets pasted mercilessly, including by yours truly.  When he gets it right, why shouldn't we lump the praise on him in the same fashion he gets pasted.

As a young manager, he's done well, especially having been in that dumpster fire formerly known as TFC for a while.  Not everyone is gonna like every decision he makes, but if we're shredding him for his choices while sitting in 3rd place in the West and Overall, I think we're in a pretty good spot.

Yes, there are times he's gotten it horribly wrong (read:  DC United away) and times where his choices have been questionable (read:  Portland away), and the results have shown that.  On the flip side, I look specifically to TFC away where he went to something completely off the books, for him that is, and it worked pretty well, minus a sending off and 3 goals allowed.

However, there are a few things which I think most of us can agree upon:  Robbo will accept as much blame as he can for tactical or performance related issues of the team he fields.  Discipline, is a completely different, and yet somewhat related issue.  As he said in last night's post-match conference, and I'm paraphrasing, some of the cards have been questionable and some are deserved.  Dealing with this issue and man management through the summer, will be the best barometers of his abilities as a manager.

It'll be interesting to see how much higher the Caps can go (increasing point totals in every season since 2011) and what happens if they don't continue that upward trend?  I guess that'll be a better measure of the FO more than Robinson.

Overall, I've been pleased with the job he's done.  Getting the young guns some playing time (a lot easier with WFC2), while keeping the 1st team competitive.  I couldn't fathom having every little single decision I made examined with a microscope by scribes working the traditional press and people like us, fans with an opinion a platform to express themselves on.

Your thoughts?