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MLS All-Star Game Voting Begins

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With the MLS season in full swing and Europe's top clubs finished for the summer, the bizarro North American tradition of the "All-Star Game" is on the horizon...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

From today until July 4th, MLS fans will have a chance to select the squad available to Dominic Kinnear in the league's annual Ridiculous Marketing Stunt All-Star Game.

The link to vote is below, but before you go and tick names to your heart's desire, there are some factors you ought to take into account:

#1 Voting for Vancouver Whitecaps players is not necessarily a good thing. The All-Star Game comes a week after the Caps' friendly against Crystal Palace and smack dab in between two Western Conference away games (Houston on July 23rd and Dallas on July 31st). Perhaps David Ousted could manage all the playing time, but any outfield player would undoubtedly be fatigued.

#2 Why waste your vote on a Whitecap when you can strategically tire out all of the FC Dallas players? Imagine FCD's trio of Castillo, Diaz and Barrios exhausted after a mid-week shellacking at the hands of Arsenal FC. If you've ever wanted to influence a Caps match, this is the one time you really can.

#3 Fan voting is only one of the many mechanisms that allow players to make the team. There are "Commisioner's Picks" (usually consisting of whichever big name stars failed to be voted in by fans), one player voted in by the number of goals scored by their FIFA 16 player, and a bunch of players picked by fellow MLS-ers.

#4 The whole event is a facade.

Now that you've read my spiel (or at least skimmed it while you scrolled down here) the link is all yours.