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Pedro Morales is the Highest Paid Vancouver Whitecap, Again

The MLS Players Union released salary figures for the 2016 season on Thursday

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer Players Union has released salary figures for the 2016 season, and in what's sure to be no surprise to any faithful follower of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Pedro Morales is the highest paid player on the team for the third straight year.

According to the numbers, the Whitecaps Captain will earn a total of $1,258,900 in guaranteed compensation for this season, well above Octavio Rivero, who's next at $890,850. It's a bit of a dip for Morales, who earned over 1.4 million dollars in guaranteed compensation last year. That being said, he is getting a slight raise is base pay, from 1,190,000 to 1,232,500. Rivero meanwhile, is getting the exact same salary as 2015.

The top five highest paid Whitecaps in 2016 are:

1) Pedro Morales: 1,258,900

2) Octavio Rivero: 890,850

3) Matias Laba: 720,500

4) David Ousted: 378,933.33

5) Cristian Techera: 345,000

Matias Laba had the largest jump in salary from last year, as he was paid 325,000 in 2015. Kendall Waston received a raise from 226,250 to 318,125, fitting considering he truly is the stud of  the backline. In terms of new additions, Masato Kudo tops the list at 314,000. Christian Bolanos isn't far behind at 253,500, and Blas Perez checks in at 215,000.

According to Marc Weber of The Province, the Whitecaps are at about the middle of the table when it comes to team spending.

Not a ton of surprises here; Any names or numbers stand out for you?