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Crystal Palace FC to Play the Whitecaps at BC Place in July

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It's part of the The Vancouver-Guangzhou Friendship Cities Cup

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

To celebrate the sixth annual Vancouver - Guangzhou Friendship Cities Cup, the Vancouver Whitecaps have announced they will take on Crystal Palace FC at BC Place on Tuesday. July 19th.

The Friendship Cities Cup is an annual friendly that sees a team of players from the Vancouver Chinese Soccer Association taking on the Guangzhou Super Football Club. This year, the two cities will be celebrating the 31st anniversary of their sister cities relationship.

The Whitecaps will take on Crystal Palace first at 7 pm, and the Friendship Cities Cup will be played right after, at 9 pm.

"It's a trip that I think will be good for the club," added Alan Pardew, manager of Crystal Palace FC. "As we prepare for our upcoming Premier League season, we had a number of teams that want to play us and we've taken this opportunity to go to North America to spread the word of the type of football we play. Our fan base continues to grow in North America and this is a perfect opportunity to reach out to those fans as well as introduce ourselves to many more new fans in the United States and Canada."

Sounds like it could be a truly awesome day at the soccer pitch.