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Report Card: Whitecaps FC vs Chicago Fire

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Fans at BC Place were treated to a rollercoaster of emotions on Wednesday night, with blood, sweat, and tears of joy all spilled onto the pitch in equal amounts. Now it's time to distill all that passion into a slew of player grades.

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Kendall Waston: B-

Another familiar story for the giant Costa Rican: a good defensive display but another yellow card. Carl Robinson has been keen not to dissuade his players from playing a physical game, but it might be time for Waston to make a few tweaks to his style. There was little to argue about in his yellow-causing challenge this game: clear pulling resulting in the breaking up of a promising attacking play. At the moment, the bookings are bringing down the quality of otherwise impressive performances. Perhaps Waston should have a look over his shoulder at Tim Parker, who has yet to pick up a card this year.

Pedro Morales: B

It was a tale of two halves for Morales, who continues to battle his own inconsistency. Despite numerous lovely cross-field passes, there were too many giveaways, especially considering his deeper midfield role. The Laba-Morales-Mezquida trio looks to be the way forward for the Caps in the centre of the park, but El Capitan needs to add more to his attacking arsenal than long passes and speculative shots if he wants to lead this team to more than just occasional wins.

Blas Perez: A+

If any goal could neutralize the horror of Masato Kudo's earlier injury, it was Perez's game-winning bicycle kick. Despite the apparent disinterest of the CSN commentators in the highlights pack, the goal can only be classed as an absolute screamer. It's a pity to see Kudo out just when he was coming into form, but if the Caps' horny Panamanian can keep up the energy levels he set on Wednesday night, Vancouver will be in safe hands.

Christian Bolaños: A-

After a sluggish start to the season, Bola is finally proving his worth. With three goals and one assist in his last four games, the experienced Costa Rican is steadily finding his form. His precise pass to set up Blas Perez for the opening goal was world class. And though his defending prowess is nothing to write home about, Fraser Aird is proving to be a reliable fullback capable of cleaning up most messes. There's a way to go before he fully redeem himself for his early-season performances (if you can even call them that), but the headbanded bandit looks to be a real asset going forward both on the pitch and in this season.

Who were your winners and losers on Wednesday? Comment below...