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Camilo or Blas Perez; Which Goal Was Better?

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Blas Perez stole the show with his marvelous match winner on Wednesday, but can it top Camilo's scissor kick magic?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably seen the goal about 10,000 times by now, but here it is again, in all of it's glory. With the Vancouver Whitecaps sensing blood in the water and looking for a match winner, striker Blas Perez came through in a huge way with an eye popping bicycle kick goal that brought the crowd at BC Place to it's feet.

It reminded me of a similar stunner Whitecaps fans were witness to in 2013, when Camilo knocked a scissor kick goal past the Portland Timbers, and onto highlight reels everywhere.

Both were brilliant individual efforts that are worthy of praise, but in your opinion, which one was better? There's your hard-thinking question for today. Vote below and let us know!