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Report Card: Whitecaps vs DC United

Was there any good? There was plenty of bad, and some ugly.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

David Ousted:  B+

Other than one of the DC goals, it was hard to blame Ousted for much of anything.  Being hung out to dry like Joe Cannon was years ago couldn't have been fun for David, who took to twitter to apologize to the travelling support and fans at home who witnessed that display.  I believe a somewhat unnecessary tweet, but it goes to show you the character and class that makes David a beloved figure among the supporters.

Blas Perez:  C-

Was he even out there?  Other than one knock to the head, and a couple fouls conceded, he may as well have not been out there.

Carl Robinson:  F

Playing a formation that you don't normally play while pretty shorthanded doesn't work, and tonight was evidence of that.  I'm not sure what kind of 4-4-2 has your 2 central mids playing more as holding mids, leaving this massive gap in midfield with a greener than the turf rookie on one side (Bustos) and one of the smallest footballers out there on the other side (Techera), neither of whom are defensively adept.

Marco Bustos:  C-

Considering this was his first MLS start, out of position by the way, I don't think he did all that bad.  Let me re-iterate something for those who aren't familiar with the name:  He played WFC2 last year, where he scored 7 times in 17 appearances (15 of them starts) as an attacking mid.  I don't know many attacking mids that play out wide.  I could be wrong.  Due respect to Robbo, but I think he had a Martin Rennie/Daigo Kobayashi moment where he figured that said player (Bustos) could play out wide.

Fraser Aird: C-

Considering he was under assault all night, he wasn't getting much useful help.  It's clear now that teams are attacking down their left, knowing they'll probably have some joy as Harvey seems to have his side pretty locked down.

CapsonTour: A+

I know the two individuals at the match (Kristjan Aug and Tom Johnson) probably weren't heard by anyone other than the stadium staff assigned to keep them safe, but full marks to them for enduring this drivel.  Normally this wouldn't be noteworthy, but given the plethora of barely passing/failing grades, I thought at least one positive was needed in this.