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Time to Play Manager

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As the Vancouver Whitecaps go through their scoring slump, everyone seems to have the 'correct' solution. Whether that is who should or should not be starting, or who the Whitecaps need going forward. While Jon has asked the more detailed question of 'How do you fix the Whitecaps Attack?', I pose to you a more general question: What is your ideal Starting XI?'.

While we could fill the lineup with non-existent players and argue who needs to stay and who needs to go, soccer is not like other North American sports in that when there is a problem, you cannot simply go sign/trade for a new player. As a result, the Whitecaps are, currently, stuck with the players they have. Thus, I present to you the task of identifying who your Starting XI is, using only the players currently on the roster. We will ignore the injury issue as that complicates the process and is far too variable. If you want to argue for different lineups in different situations, that is fine too. Adding to the complexity, let us know your bench too and who you would turn to first from the bench. Be ready to defend your choices though!