Guess the Lineup and Score (Week 1: Montreal Impact)

Building off of the column written by one of our previous regulars, Spencer, I have decided to continue with a match thread for guessing the Starting XI and Final Score for each Whitecaps game this season. However, the one change I will make is that we will keep track of things throughout the season, with an overall winner at the end.

Now for some details on how this will run.

  • I will try to post the article several days before the match (probably Wednesday for weekend games).
  • Predictions will be 'valid' if posted at least 2 hours before kickoff.
  • You receive 1 point for every player you correctly guess to be in the Starting XI.
  • You get 5 points for correctly guessing Win/Lose/Draw.
  • And, as a bonus, you receive 2 points if you correctly guess the final score. While this is the most challenging, I also think that it is the most 'luck based', so I did not want to make it worth too many points.

I was going to add in points for goal scorers, but I was not sure how to do that. I mean, you could guess a final score of 12-1 and predict every player on the Whitecaps will score. How do you award points? Maybe 2 points for every goal scorer correctly predicted and -1 point for every goal scorer incorrectly predicted? If people have thoughts on that, suggest them and we can begin to implement that next week.

At the end of each week, I will tally the scores and update the standings, to be posted with the next week's match thread.

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