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Vancouver Whitecaps Masato Kudo Suspended One Match for Simluation

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Just another week in MLS. While I am not that surprised that a Vancouver Whitecaps player was suspended this week, I am surprised at who it was. Given the desire of the MLS Disciplinary Committee to suspend players, I was fully anticipating Matias Laba receiving at least one match for the kick to the face, late in the match. However, as has come to be expected, MLS decisions make no sense.

Today it was announced that Masato Kudo will miss this weekend's matchup against the LA Galaxy thanks to a one-game suspension for 'simulation/embellishment'. This is ridiculous on a number of front, however, the key point here is that he was suspended for the play that led to the only goal of the game. Is this a way of MLS trying to say that the Vancouver Whitecaps were not suppose to win that game? No, I am not talking about a conspiracy. Just that the call was bad and thus the Whitecaps need to be punished. Make it clear to all fans (especially Houston Dynamo fans) that the call was incorrect?

The actions of the disciplinary committee are quickly getting out of hand and something needs to be done. They are making a mockery of the league and the referees very quickly.