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Report: Darren Mattocks to the Portland Timbers

No deal has been confirmed

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After months of speculation, rumblings and rumors, could Darren Mattocks finally be on his way out of Vancouver? Reports from a Jamaican media outlet suggest Mattocks has been dealt to a conference rival, the Portland Timbers. Of course, this deal has not been confirmed by the Whitecaps, and there's no word on what would be going back to Vancouver.

The report comes from, and is quite brief, basically saying Mattocks has parted with the Whitecaps after four seasons, and will join Portland.

The 25 year old Mattocks has long been viewed as the odd man out in the Whitecaps attack, and his departure from the club has been rumored for a while. If the news is true, it certainly wouldn't be that surprising.