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We've Made Additions to Our Writing Team

Please welcome three new contributors; Jay, Alistair and Ian.

The book has closed on of our most successful recruiting drives in the history of Eighty Six Forever, and I want to thank everyone out there who submitted an application to write for us. It was a very nice problem to have; A ton of great submissions from some obviously talented writers, but only a few spots to fill. That being said, there were a few applications that really stood out from the rest, and I'm happy to say we've brought them on board.

Please welcome Ian (Username: IanJones), Alistair (Alistairjames), and Jay (CascadianLion). I believe each will bring something unique to the table, and I'm hopeful the community will be very welcoming and encouraging as they begin their new roles here.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted an application, and again, welcome the new guys!