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Vancouver Whitecaps New Kit Confirmed

The Whitecaps have revealed their new 'sea to sky' kits

The Vancouver Whitecaps have revealed new kits for the 2016 season, and the major theme is 'Sea to Sky'. Here's the description from the Whitecaps official media release:

The Sea to Sky jersey translates geography into gradient. Beginning with the dark Pacific water, deep-sea blue ripples up the kit, creating a brilliant blend of new blues before eventually transforming into sky blue, replicating the city's Sea to Sky horizon. Rooted within the jersey are several WFC peaks that sit behind the pattern, similar to the white-capped mountains that sit silently in Vancouver's skyline.

The Whitecaps FC 2016 kit is inspired by all of the above, creating a jersey that can be described just like Vancouver: one of a kind.

The kits will be available to buy on March 1st.

First impressions? I really like them. I'm by no means a fashion designer, but the blue looks sharp and I like the simplistic style. Certainly a better choice than the infamous Arbutus Browns, anyways.

You can check out more discussion on the kits here.

What do you lot think?