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Report Card: Vancouver vs. Seattle

A spirited and disappointing game. Here's how we rate the players.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game where there was a flash of real promise combined with bone head bad. The first half had prolonged moments of attacking pressure from the 'Caps and a lot of that is thanks to 16 year Alphonso Davies. The second half lost the plot with a head scratching red card until a final-minute scramble when both teams were dropped to 10 men.

Here come the grades. As always, a C grade means the player did no more than his job required.

Alphonso Davies, A-

Apparently there was a scout from Manchester United taking a look at him Sunday evening. Davies, was visibly jacked about it and put on a show. He was the brightest light in a Whitecaps jersey in the first half as he ran with abandon and made strong timely tackles to win back the ball. He had a couple shots on net, set up the odd chance and his best moment of the game included a run to the end line to get past his defender and force the penalty kick inducing foul in the offensive box.

He took a nasty hit to start the second half and managed to get up and stay in the game. Check for character in the scout's score sheet, especially for a 16 year old. Unfortunately for him, and the only reason he gets an A- instead of an A, the wheels fell off Whitecaps' bus fairly soon after and Davies was significantly less prominent the rest of the game. That first half though, surely it was enough to turn some heads.

Pedro Morales, D

I know I should give him, at worst, C- for converting the goal. Even though he is clutch at the penalty kick, you have to give him credit for making them time after time. But that red card was such a bone head move it eclipses the good he did in the game. From the stands the red card was a complete mystery. It was such an innocuous play that we had no idea what could have happened to deserve a red card. And I will admit, I booed the ref as vigorously as my fellows-in-arms. But, after seeing the replay in the sober confines of my home his elbow came up to the head. It wasn't hard, and Roldan definitely sold it to the ref. But why did the elbow come up at all?

It was a dubious ending for what has become a rather dubious season for Morales. It is hard to believe that with his 9 goals Morales will likely be the team's scoring leader with Manneh and Bolanos next with 5 goals apiece.

David Ousted, B+

I can't blame him for the Alonso goal and PK goals are never in the goaltender's favour. He made some decent saves, though he didn't have to save many. He made a lovely second half save off Morris by dropping his hand to deflect the ball away at the last moment. But I have to give it to him for caring so much. His face plant of despair after the final whistle was reflective of the face plant of our collective hearts as our team was eliminated from the playoffs. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to feel that way about my team I need to see the players exhibit the same emotions too. Just so I know they are on board with me.

Jordan Harvey, C+

I feel for him. It was an unfortunate deflection off his arm as he slid through the penalty box to cause the Seattle PK. Surely, he was using the arm for balance and wasn't likely even thinking about it. But the arm has got to stay down when blocking shots in the box or that call has to be made. The rest of his game was typical Harvey solid.

There were a number of players I hardly remember being out there *cough cough* Barnes. How did you rate the individual play?