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Vancouver Whitecaps New Away Kit

The Vancouver Whitecaps have announced that a new away kit is scheduled to be released shortly. This has led to speculation as to its aesthetics. Among renderings, it appears that the 'real' kit has been leaked....and it is a bit of a disappointment.

Vancouver Sun

As synonymous as the preseason is with the beginning of a team's regular season, so to is the announcement of new revenue streams in the form of revised or 'special' uniforms. Over the past week, one-by-one Major League Soccer teams have been presenting their new kits. The Vancouver Whitecaps have yet to officially announce their new away kit, but have certainly attempted to tease fans with news of its impending release.

As the Vancouver Whitecaps players travel to Tuscon, Arizona to commence their preseason, fans are left with a bit of a gap in the team news and are thus left to speculate on what might be. One such speculation has led to the following fan-designed kit

Earlier today it appears that the 'real' new away kit was leaked and will be as follows.

Scary looking Russell Teibert aside, the assumed real kit is similar to the artist's rendering pictured earlier....but not. Despite the similarities, I am a much bigger fan of the 'fake' kit than the 'real' kit. The blue shades in the 'real' kit just seem wrong.

The Whitecaps have not been the most successful at changing their kits, or offering a special third jersey. We remember the shelf life of the Arbutus Brown rendition. It will be interesting to see how this new away kit, if it is indeed the final version, will be endorsed by the fanbase.

What are your thoughts on the change? Do you like the fake, real, both, neither? Let us know in the poll and comments.