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New Years Resolutions for the Vancouver Whitecaps

Eighty-Six Forever looks at some of the changes or pledges Whitecaps players should make for the 2016 season.

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure many of us woke up this morning with a sense of optimism for the new year (well, that and hangovers), and perhaps some of you have already started trying to make good on resolutions you've made. I always find it much easier to make resolutions for other people instead of myself, so here's some for a few members of the Whitecaps.

Kekuta Manneh: Take the next step.

Kekuta Manneh has an unbelievable amount of potential, but has yet to become a consistent force in MLS in his three years in the league. Scooter reached a career high of seven goals in 2015, but was part of a striker squad that struggled down the stretch, ultimately failing to score a single goal versus the Timbers in the post-season. Manneh is still just 21 years old, but he has been in the league long enough now that he has to start making some noticeable strides in his game. A double digit goal total sure would be nice.

Speaking of taking the next step, Sam Adekugbe should be thinking the same thing. While his 2015 campaign was largely curtailed because of injury, there are high expectations for the youngster to shine in 2016.

David Ousted: Keep the mojo going

Ousted was my pick for the Whitecaps team MVP, and I think his rock solid consistency in net in 2015 was a huge reason the Whitecaps ended up making the post-season. In 2016, he simply has to continue that level of play. Ousted has improved every year he's been in MLS, and it will be interesting to see if he has yet another gear he can shift into. The Whitecaps pledge to improve their scoring during the off-season should be welcome news for the Great Dane, if they can bring in the right personnel.

Octavio Rivero: Time to get consistent

We all know the story of Rivero's 2015 season quite well; Out of the gates like a bat out of hell, scoring six goals in seven games. Then the offense dried up, and Rivero scored just four more times the rest of the year. Rivero obviously has talent and a nose for the net and hopefully now that he has a full season under his belt, he will be a little more comfortable and ready to start scoring at a good pace again. It's a sentiment Rivero has already echoed, and hopefully the addition of Masato Kudo will both complement his game and push him to be better.

Interesting side note, Rivero's gaffe from week 1 was Matthew Doyle's pick for miss of the year. I can't say I disagree with him.

How about you? Any resolutions you think the Whitecaps should make?