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MLS Fantasy Roundup 2015 - Round 27

In which we recover from the gluttony of free transfers in time for two weeks of DGWs and we ponder life without Giovinco.

"Giovinco does not stand with tiny children. Only Giovinco may be tiny. Begone, children."
"Giovinco does not stand with tiny children. Only Giovinco may be tiny. Begone, children."
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

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So, how did we enjoy the Week Of Five Matches? We didn't? Of course we didn't. Well, unless you invested in the New England Revolution (protip: bet against Orlando City SC) and hey-he-can-still-score-goals-how-about-that Didier Drogba ($10.2m). Fun fact: Drogba now has two more fantasy points than teammate and recent Canadian Men's National Team call-up Kyle Bekker ($6.0m)! Isn't that fun? (All right, I'll save the Bekker bashing for another time and place.) But seriously, Drogba certainly made an impact (dohoho) for the Montral Impact in their wild 4-3 win over the Chicago Fire. I'm not surprised Montreal managed to win; however, I am surprised seven goals were scored between the two teams. I wouldn't expect that kind of offensive spike to continue this week - both clubs are on the road against very hot teams (Chicago at New York Red Bulls, Montreal at LA Galaxy) and, while the goals will likely flow, the scorelines will not be nearly so flattering to the visitors.

As for the rest of the bye week festivities, a Sebastian Giovinco ($13.1m)-less Toronto FC fell to the Seattle Sounders, surprising zero people who have watched the "Atomic Ant" do what ants do best and carry absurdly disproportionate weights over long distances. It's really simple: no Giovinco, no Toronto. That's perhaps unfair to midfield linchpin Benoit Cheyrou ($8.5m) who is also out with an ankle injury, not to mention the international call-ups that also weakened the Reds. Then you take a look at the fantasy leaderboards, gawk at Giovinco's 193(?!) points and begin to understand. The Philadelphia Union and San Jose Earthquakes played out a 2-1 win for the visiting Union, upsetting the "Dom Gonna Dom" narrative I floated last week, though not as badly upset as my "yay Columbus!" bandwagon which careened off an FC Dallas-shaped rock into a 3-0 home loss. Another fine captaincy choice wasted; thanks, Ethan Finlay ($9.2m)!

This brings us to Round 28 - a round of no byes and two DGWs courtesy of the Colorado Rapids and Sporting Kansas City. Of the two teams, SKC are the clear choice to bank your fantasy dollars on, though if you managed to keep a hold of Benny Feilhaber ($10.4m) and Kevin Ellis ($6.5m) through the bye week you're already mostly set. Really, there aren't that many worthy options to put your money on when it comes to the Rapids. They've been so maddeningly inconsistent, loss-prone and defense-first that picking a reliable scorer or defender is like picking the sharpest needle out of a haystack. Even worse, Colorado are at BC Place to play the Vancouver Whitecaps on Wednesday, which means either Colorado will continue to make life miserable for the 'Caps this season... or Vancouver will be fully rested and able to handle the losses of Matias Laba ($7.0m), Kendall Waston ($9.0m), Russell Teibert ($7.6m) and Darren Mattocks ($7.4m) with aplomb. Good luck figuring that riddle out in advance. So, yeah, grab an SKC player, recover some of your big guns that were traded away for the bye week and you should be in prime position to take advantage of the super-DGW week in Round 29 (hint: San Jose gets Montreal at home and New York City FC away).

Round 27 Top Score

Ah, that's better. Barbara Red of Paisley SC posts an 87 to safely remain atop the Eighty Six Forever fantasy league - cracking the 2,000-point barrier in the process - and all is right and good with the world. Meanwhile, the top score of the round went to Dez Smee of Cheeky FC who made a very cheeky 28(!!) transfers during the free week to log a score of 93:

Round 27 86F Top Score

Didier Droba: Pretty Good At Soccer™.

Matchups To Watch

3. Orlando City SC vs. Sporting Kansas City
Betting against Orlando remains prudent fantasy management until proven otherwise. Let us remember this lesson about expansion team hype when the next wave of Major League Soccer debutantes arrive.

2. FC Dallas vs. New York City FC
Dallas gets hot. Dallas goes cold. Dallas gets hot. Dallas goes cold. Which streak are we on now, and how long will this one last? Betting against expansion teams (see above) is usually a safe play; key word there, "usually". Somehow, David Villa ($11.4m) has not been dragged down to the level of his teammates and is the fifth-highest scoring player in all of MLS Fantasy Manager. Dude can make stuff happen.

1. LA Galaxy vs. Montreal Impact
What a slaughter this projects to be. LA are in form, loaded with talent and high on whatever magical joy juice Bruce Arena keeps locked away in his office until the second half of the season starts. Montreal, while Drogba-fied, just sacked their head coach and are holding on for dear life to the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Oh, and Robbie Keane ($12.0m) scored two goals against Gibraltar, so, yeah, that will be probably mean something. Maybe. (Nah.)