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How Will You Survive the Bye Week?

After playing a ton of games in the month of August, the Whitecaps are now off until September 9th

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

if you're not a fan of playing the FIFA video games (I suck so, so bad), a bye week can be a rough time to be a soccer fan. When you love a sport, and more importantly, a team, waiting to see them in action can feel like years.

I mean personally, even though I love my job, there are times when the biggest thing getting me through the work week is the anticipation of match day on the weekend. That and coffee, like an irresponsible amount. So, when you have to make do without the boys in blue and white for a week, it can be a tough pill to swallow.

The Vancouver Whitecaps, after playing a ton of matches in the month of August, now have some time off, not taking the pitch for a match again until September 9th. That means I'll have to fill my time with something else, and I'm trying to figure out what that could be.

Here's what I've got so far:

1) I will need even more coffee and will soon be achieving Fry-like levels of coffee power.

2) I will at some point glance at my Xbox, think about playing about FIFA, then remember I am awful at it

3) I will sleep.

4) It will be about time to bust out the "Victory" DVD. Sylvester Stallone as a soccer player? Pele acting? Michael Caine somehow tricked into being in the movie? How can you not watch?

5) Once I make it to Sunday, Thankfully, I'll be able to take in some WFC 2 action when they take on Sacramento Republic FC.

How about you? What's your plan for making it through the week?