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FTBL Ep. 93 - Talking SKC & The Rivero/Morales Conundrums

Two leads lost in the late stages of games have sent Whitecaps Land into a finger pointing frenzy. We chat about the historic loss in Kansas City and sink our teeth into the most hotly debated conversations about Octavio Rivero and Pedro Morales.

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A tough couple of matches on the road in Montreal and Kansas City has left fans of the Vancouver Whitecaps asking questions, so this week we attempt to answer (some) those questions.

Joining Mark & Jorge this week to try and make sense of it all is the FTBL podcast DP Rituro.  In Part 1 (1'-26') the guys go back and talk about the 4-3 loss at Sporting Kansas City and why Kendall Waston is so important to the Whitecaps.

In Part 2 (27'-62') the guys talk about Pedro Morales' brand new contract, why Tim Parker certainly does belong in MLS, and why Octavio Rivero is better than Camilo.  At the end of the segment there is a very quick look at the matches ahead, and a quick update on WFC2, whose USL playoff dreams hang by a thread.


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