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Assessing the Kansas City debacle

The game that will haunt the minds of Blue and White supporters for years to come. We try to put the pieces together and assess some of the most notable Whitecaps from Saturday.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Yes. That happened. I wanted to take almost a full 48 hours before I wrote this piece as I wanted to gain a little clarity and perspective about what transpired as a whole on Saturday night in Kansas City. I have gone through a wide array of emotions ranging from anger, frustration, depression and concern. I jumped back and forth between.

The truth is after almost two days of introspection, I am no closer to sorting out my mind and putting my thoughts in order. This situation, however, will not impede me from tossing out a few assessments for last Saturday's late game debacle.

Kekuta Manneh (A) - The last ten minutes of the game cannot and should not cloud our judgement of the game as a whole. It is well documented that, at times, I have been a harsh critic of Manneh. An argument could be made that Saturday's match has been one of the best (the Se4tt1e match comes to mind as well) from the youngster. Two road goals, chance creation and defensive responsibility rounded out a fantastic outing for the Gambian.

David Ousted (A-) - One might think that it is a hard sell to give a high mark to a goalkeeper who allowed four goals in his net. The Danish goalkeeper kept Sporting Kansas City at bay throughout the game with at least three crucial interventions that would have tilted the balance the other way considerably earlier in the match. Without Ousted the result would have been even more scandalous.

Carl Robinson (C) - #InRobboWeTrust. I stand by it. The Vancouver Whitecaps are lucky to have the Welsh tactician at the helm. Robbo will take this team to the next level and my confidence in him is unwavering. Having said that, the man is only human and I must admit that the team lost their grip on the game and allowed Sporting Kansas City to get their back away from the wall as a result of some of the substitutions.

Steven Beitashour (C-) - Just like a player can have a good game with a couple of bad plays, a player can have a bad game with a few bright spots. This is the case for the Whitecaps right back who served a beautiful cross straight to the head of Kekuta Manneh which ended up in the back of net. However, the overall game by the San Jose native left much to be desired at his own end of the pitch. Time and time again Sporting Kansas City was able to serve dangerous crosses to the heart of the Blue and White box, most notably, the 94th minute game winning goal.

Pa Modou Kah (C-) - It was a regression to early season Kah. The former Norwegian international struggled to reject Sporting Kansas City's advances without his Costa Rican partner. Perhaps I am unfairly pinpointing Kah as the scapegoat, however when three goals are conceded in the last ten minutes of a match, the centre of defense has to be looked at and over analyzed. More importantly, Kah, as the leader and most veteran defender in that central back pairing has to levy the heavier side of the finger pointing load.

These are the results that can derail a season or refocus and reinvigorate a team. The game against Dallas this Saturday, and the answers that it may bring, cannot come soon enough.

It will be a long week Whitecaps supporters, so as usual, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.