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Report Card: Whitecaps at the Amway Canadian Championship

A disappointing result has impacted the 'Caps grades this time around

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Whitecaps escaped Montreal with a point, you'd be hard pressed to find a Whitecaps fan happy with the result. Despite controlling the match with a late 2-0 lead, the Whitecaps watched the Impact storm back, tying the match up in a matter of seconds. It was well deserved by Montreal, who in my opinion were easily the best team on the pitch that night.

Debyi Flores: C-

It's easy to pick on Flores for an abysmal outing, but we have to keep things in perspective. The 19 year old showed he's clearly not ready for starting 11 minutes by committing a number of defensive gaffes, while he was playing in a defensive midfield role. Long story short, it was ugly, and he shouldn't have stayed in for the full 90 minutes.

He's very young and will only improve, but this is a match he needs to put out of his mind moving forward.

Darren Mattocks: B

It's been a tough season in terms of production for Darren Mattocks, who's often found himself on the wing when he's more comfortable up top in the striker position. Against the Impact he got his shot at the top, and rewarded the 'Caps with a goal. It was a nice bit of skill from Mattocks, and hopefully the goal will bring him some more confidence as we march through the season. Mattocks will need to continue to keep it up, as he has players like Cristian Techera playing extremely well, and battling him for minutes.

Pedro Morales: B-

Morales scored the second Whitecaps goal of the game against the Impact, and he did it with style, knocking in a beautiful free kick in the 72nd minute. It was a great highlight for the Captain, who otherwise had an okay match. Morales was magnificent last season, and has yet to replicate that success in 2015. It's mostly been the injury bug, but this time around it seemed like Morales couldn't click with young teammates like Kianz Froese.

Still, Morales did get on the score sheet, and that's good news for the club.

Stream from Sportsnet: F-.

I appreciate that Sportsnet tried to throw us an ACC bone with a free live stream of the event, but it was about as putrid as Donald Trump's hair. It crashed and froze continually, to the point where the match was almost un-watchable. I was also going to talk about the commentating, but looks like you guys have already taken care of that .