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David Ousted Goes For His Third 'Save of the Week' In a Row

Ousted has been nominated yet again

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this one before; Vancouver Whitecaps Goalkeeper David Ousted has been nominated for MLS Save of the week, the third time in a row the Great Dane has had the honour. The only difference this week, is that Ousted's heroics couldn't his power his club to victory, as they fell to the Rapids 2-1. Still, Ousted has won the last two 'Save of the Week' polls, and he's got a good chance again this time around.

Ousted was nominated for his beauty stop off Louis Solignac of the Colorado Rapids, which you can see below.

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He's up against Luis Robles of the NY Red Bulls, Tally Hall of Orlando, Steve Clark from the Columbus Crew, and Josh Saunders from NYC.

You can follow the link here to vote.