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Report Card: Whitecaps Vs Rapids

The Vancouver Whitecaps had a day to remember in Colorado, falling to the lowly Rapids

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's always tough to not let emotions get in the way when drafting the report card. When there's a win, you invariably want to give everybody an A, and when the club loses, everybody is suddenly a failing student. Surely, if I had written the report card right after the match ended, there'd be more expletives on the screen and a large amount of English Bay Pale Ale angrily spilled on my keyboard.

Instead, I enjoyed some Barbeque (ribs, baby!) over the weekend, watched some old Clint Eastwood movies, and now I'm ready toss out some criticism, hopefully constructive.

Gershon Koffie/Debyi Flores: C

Gershon Koffie has yet to truly find his 'A' game in 2015, despite a few nice outings preceding the Rapids match. When he's on, Koffie is a snarling, intimidating and physical presence alongside his midfield partner. When he's off, he can be far too aggressive, lunging early and often  as was the case against the Rapids.

His partner, 19 year old Debyi Flores, looked over matched and frankly a little intimidated in his third start of the season, although you have to cut the kid a little bit of slack. He's got oodles of potential, but as he develops we're going to see him struggle from time to time. This was one of those times.

Diego Rodriguez: C

Another player that may need a pass from Whitecaps fans, Diego Rodriguez did not look good in his first match back from a lengthy stay on the injured list. Rodriguez did not start the match, and was pressed into action when Pa Modou Kah went down with injury in the 27th minute.

Rodriguez looked rusty, unsure, and was partly responsible for the Rapids eventual game winning goal, as he and fellow Center Back Kendall Waston appeared to get their signals crossed, allowing Kevin Doyle to head the ball home. We still don't know what we have with Rodriguez, but I don't think the match was a fair indication of what he can bring to MLS. I think he deserves another shot, hopefully under better circumstances.

Kekuta Manneh: B+

Kektua Manneh scored his fourth goal of the season against the Rapids, although he should have had a few more. Still, Manneh deserves praise, as he was the 'Caps most dangerous attacker on the night, a night when they could have used similar performances from other members of the starting 11.

While Manneh may not be developing at the lightning quick pace most Whitecaps fans expected, he still has made obvious strides in MLS and will only get better.

Mauro Rosales: B

Mauro has really stepped up to the plate since Pedro Morales went down with injury, and was instrumental in setting up the Whitecaps goal, with his beautiful, hail mary cross to Manneh in the 20th minute. Mauro started the season slowly, but his veteran leadership and offensive creativity has made up for the Whitecaps lack of Morales, and his wizard like play from last season.

Rosales was a savvy pick up by Carl Robinson last season, and is showing himself to be an increasingly important part of the Whitecaps this season.