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WFC2 loses 4-0 at home against the Tulsa Roughnecks FC

The Tulsa side earns an emphatic win at Thunderbird Stadium in what was arguably the worst performance by the young Whitecaps squad this season.

"One of those nights." This is how WFC2 Alan Koch described the disappointing performance on Friday night against the Tulsa Roughnecks that saw his side dropped three points by the worst goal margin at home in 2015.

"We didn't do a good job at breaking them down. I thought we could have played a lot better in the first 45 minutes (...) We took our foot off the pedal, we weren't very good when we had possession of the ball, we weren't very good when were out of possession. The second 45 are the worst 45 that we have had all season. That was embarrassing," Koch stated.

The young WFC2 lineup had a promising start to the game - dominating possession, threading long sequences of passes and creating a couple of chances that were foiled by the Roughneck FC's goalkeeper Jake Feener. However those periods of possession did not translate into continuous goal-scoring opportunities.

"It is one thing to possess the ball which I think we did a good job of at times but you obviously have to show football IQ in terms of seeing where the space is. It is fine if you possess the ball in your half but what's the outcome? We want to go down the field and try to possess the ball in their half and try to create opportunities," Koch summarized.

As the visiting squad started to level play, it was Paolo Tornaghi who kept his team in the game and the score leveled with great interventions at the 22nd, 30th and 48th minutes.

It was only three minutes later when the Roughnecks opened the scoring when Sammy Ochoa finished a nice build up play with a half volley that beat Tornaghi. It would go downhill from that point forward for WFC2 as they conceded again five minutes later and two more times late in the game at the 86th and the 88th minutes.

The result is particularly troublesome for a team that has struggled with their play on the road and is now facing a long road trip that will see them play four away games, coming back to Thunderbird on September 6th. WFC2 captain Tyler Ronsenlund qualified the loss as "very disappointing."

"We knew with eight games left we needed to get on a roll and especially at home we have been very good. Tonight wasn't good enough but we can't sulk we have to make sure that we come out next week and get a win," Rosenlund explained.

A common theme in the post-match comments from both Alan Koch and Rosenlund was the need for WFC2 to match the effort and experience of their rivals, despite the team's youth. "They are obviously an older team and it showed up out there. They made smart fouls, they were getting into us and just because we are younger we have to do the exact same thing back. We kind of looked like boys out there at times and they look like men and we have got to match their intensity effort-wise because we are definitely a better footballing team, that's for sure," Rosenlund declared.

WFC2 will have the opportunity to get over the painful loss right away as they open their road trip against the same Tulsa Roughnecks next week. Roselund sees this as a great opportunity to get back to winning games. "If we can't get motivated to come out next week and play right after them coming to our place and this 4-0, then none of us should even be playing this game".