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Interest in the ThunderCaps?

We gauge the ThunderCaps season thus far and the interest from the fan base.

On Sunday the Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 (ThunderCaps) played their 15th game of the season. It was great to see the ThunderCaps win at ThunderBird Stadium, against the Portland Timbers USL team, however, the season has been full of ups and downs. From May 17th to June 3rd, the ThunderCaps were undefeated with two wins and two ties. However, immediately following that unbeaten streak, they endured a three-game losing skid, where they were held without a goal.

The streaky nature of the ThunderCaps explains their current position in the standings, which is outside of a playoff spot. Looking at their 4-7-4 record more closely, the ThunderCaps have been aided by their solid home record (3-1-3) and hindered by their weak road record (1-6-1). Despite their stellar play at home, the ThunderCaps sit 19th out of 24 teams in home attendance with an average of 1,879. The one positive is that the ThunderCaps draw more than Montreal (411), NY Red Bulls (592), LA Galaxy (946), and Toronto FC (986); OC Blues are 20th at 1,340. With the exception of the Blues, there is certainly a trend in the teams with lower home attendances; they have a strong parent team drawing fans.

These attendance figures nor the ThunderCaps record are anything to be concerned about. As previously discussed, the expectations for the ThunderCaps, among the Whitecaps fan base, is relatively low. They are seen as an opportunity for fringe first-team and young players to have the opportunity to gain valuable minutes and experience. To-date they have certainly achieved that objective, with players like Caleb Clarke, Ben McKendry, Kianz Froese, Marco Bustos, Jackson Farmer, Christian Dean, and Tim Parker getting regular opportunities (when healthy).

So, what is the purpose of this article? Well, we are curious about your level of interest in the ThunderCaps this season. Have you been following their campaign? Attending games? Watching games on YouTube? Did you know they were even playing? Let us know in the comments and attached poll.